Design Spec

All Jimco canopies, structures and kiosk buildings are individually designed in accordance with the specific requirements at each site. These products are designed to meet the requirements of the Standard Building Code, Uniform Building Code, BOCA National Building Code, International Building Code or Florida Building Code, as required by the local building department. Jimco products are designed for the governing dead, live, snow, wind and/or seismic loads based on the applicable code and over-riding local building department requirements, if any. A set of structural drawings sealed by a registered engineer can be supplied to the client for permitting.


Our shops are located in Fort Worth, TX and Okeechobee, FL. Columns and beams are fabricated in accordance with the American Institute of Steel Construction Code of Standard Practice. Our Fort Worth shop is certified by Clark County, NV, Dade County, FL, Houston, TX and Los Angeles, CA as an Approved Fabricator.


ACM and laminated fascia panels are available in standard 12 - 60 inch fascia heights. We can also customize a fascia system to fit your needs. Custom colors and sizes of fascia are available to match existing buildings or decor. We can also factory apply brand, logo or striping decals to the panels.